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Planet AI is a cryptocurrency project that seeks to transform the way artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the General World.


Planet AI is a cryptocurrency built on trust, with an ecosystem providing a secure and transparent way for users to transact with each other. The solid community and the innovative vision are Planet AI's keys to success with vast increase in holders and new community members, Planet AI attracts investors with the new Roadmap and high guaranteed APY offered in the staking pool PLANET-AI STAKING, which rewards users for holding Planet AI Token in their wallets.
Trusting in economic equity and freedom, Planet Ai has emerged to safeguard people’s wealth and to bridge them with a futuristic investment plan. Presenting an ecosystem curated using the world’s top-notch tech and most creative minds behind, Planet Ai aspires to eliminate the old investing issues and to diversify the economic structure in the world of Artificial intelligence to maximize profit and value for everyone.
Our vision is to introduce the first AI controlled launchpad and staking rewards platform.
Our mission is to improve and transform the crypto launchpad and staking platform using AI as a tools.
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